Swisscom Switzerland

Swisscom Switzerland comprises the customer segments Residential Customers, Small and MediumSized Enterprises, Enterprise Customers and Wholesale as well as the IT, Network & Innovation division.

Residential Customers

The Residential Customers segment is the contact partner for mobile and fixed-line retail customers. It provides Switzerland with broadband access lines, serves a growing number of ­Swisscom TV customers and operates, one of Switzerland’s most frequently visited Internet portals. The Residential Customers segment offers all telephone, Internet and TV services, pay TV, transmissions of sporting events and video on demand from a single source, as well as the sale of end devices. In addition, Cinetrade operates one of the leading cinema chains in Switzerland.

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

The Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises segment offers a comprehensive range of products and services – from fixed-line and mobile telephony to Internet and data services to IT infrastructure maintenance and operation. Small and medium-sized enterprises receive integrated solutions ­tailored to their needs: suitable connections, secure access, professional services and intelligent networks. It also includes the directories business.

Enterprise Customers

Whether voice or data, mobile or fixed network, individual products or integrated solutions, as a leading provider in the field of business communications, the Enterprise Customers segment supports customers with the planning, implementation and operation of their IT and communications ­infrastructure, including the provision of cost-efficient solutions and reliable services. Enterprise ­Customers ranks as one of the leading providers specialising in the integration and operation of complex IT systems. In addition, its core competencies are in the fields of IT outsourcing services, workplace services, SAP services and services for the financial industry.


The Wholesale segment provides various services for other telecommunications providers, such as regulated access to the “last mile” as well as commercial voice, data and broadband products. The Wholesale segment also covers roaming with foreign providers.

IT, Network & Innovation

The IT, Network & Innovation (INI) segment builds, operates and maintains ­Swisscom’s nationwide fixed network and mobile communications infrastructure in Switzerland. It is also responsible for the development and production of standardised IT and network services for the entire Group and for the operation of all IT systems. INI is also driving forward the migration of the networks to an integrated IT- and IP-based platform (All IP). The segment also includes the support functions for ­Swisscom Switzerland and ­Swisscom Real Estate Ltd. The expenses that are incurred are not charged to the individual segments. The IT, Network & Innovation segment therefore only reports expenses but no revenue.


The Italian subsidiary is a leader in the development of multimedia and broadband communication services. It operates the second-largest network in Italy and offers voice, data, Internet and IP TV services. In addition, its offer includes comprehensive VPN and mobile services. Fastweb offers its services in all large towns and cities in Italy and in all market segments. The services are provided directly via the company’s own fibre-optic network or via unbundled fixed access lines and wholesale products of Telecom Italia.

Other operating segments

Other operating segments comprises the Participations, Health, Connected Living and ­Swisscom Hospitality Services units. Participations manages a portfolio of small and medium-sized enterprises whose activities are mainly related to or help support ­Swisscom’s core business. ­Swisscom Health offers innovative ICT solutions for physicians, hospitals and insurers. Connected Living develops and operates intelligent solutions for energy management. ­Swisscom Hospitality Services supports the hotel industry worldwide with innovative network and communication solutions.

Group Headquarters

Group Headquarters chiefly comprises the Group divisions Group Business Steering, Group ­Strategy & Board Services, Group Communications & Responsibility and Group Human Resources as well as employment company Worklink AG.