At the end of 2014 ­Swisscom had 21,125 full-time equivalent employees, of which 18,272 or 86.5% of the total workforce were employed in Switzerland (prior year: 86.3%). ­Swisscom is also training 922 apprentices in Switzerland. The following chart shows a breakdown of full-time equivalent positions by segment:

Full-time equivalent employees at end of year
Residential Customers4,3164,7545,313
Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises681757775
Corporate Business2,3602,4412,487
Network & IT4,3894,4044,599
Swisscom Switzerland11,86212,46313,285
Swisscom IT Services2,6843,1623,164
Other operating segments4,4194,9645,132
Group Headquarters340318317
Total Group19,51420,10821,125
Thereof employees in Switzerland16,26917,36218,272

Headcount increased year-on-year by 1,017 full-time equivalents or 5.1% to 21,125. The higher headcount resulted from corporate acquisitions, the hiring of external staff and the strengthening of customer service operations. Excluding acquisitions, the increase was 282 FTEs, or 1.4%, and 375 FTEs in Switzerland, or 2.2%.

In the year under review, employees in Switzerland on open-ended contracts accounted for 99.6% of the workforce (prior year: 99.6%). Part-time employees made up 14.2% (prior year: 13.5%)- Terminations of employment by employees in Switzerland amounted to 5.8% of the workforce (prior year: 6.4%).